An obstetrician-gynecologist says: The nervous system of the child has developed extent that it can swallow amniotic fluid. Most of the digested liquid and solid material (mainly fallen away skin cells) is in the rectum, where it remains until the birth, when the first contractions of the bowel will be output. This first stool is called meconium.

There are the beginnings of permanent and deciduous teeth in the gums.

The uterus is located above the navel for about 1 cm. You already feel fetal movement. The kid can easily move in the middle of the uterus getting a lot of fun from it. He is active, especially at night when you are resting.

Weight of the child is 390 grams and 17 cm height, like a big banana. If the results of the screening and amniocentesis confirmed some genetic abnormality, then it is allowed to terminate the pregnancy up to 22 weeks”.