21 weeks of pregnancy – the best time to take up the question of purchasing necessary things for the future child, as well as to begin making repairs in the room, if necessary. Of course, the future mother will only lead the process. It is strictly forbidden for the pregnant woman to paint or cover the floor, the inhalation of toxic fumes may adversely affect the state of the baby.

Avoid stress and anxiety, the calm of the future mother – is a guarantee of a baby’s mental health. If you have some problems at work or a quarrel at home, try to respond to them less acute, now you should worry about your state and the development of the child.

Monitor your condition. Do not overstrain, do not overeat, do not allow the formation of edema.

Wear comfortable clothing that will not hamper your movements. Give preference to sets made from natural materials, make sure that the bra does not squeeze the growing breasts, as well as put aside the shoes with heels until better times.

If the stomach is already big enough, check with your doctor about the necessity of wearing a bandage. Try not to stay long in one position: do not stand a lot of in one place, and do not sit long.

It is better to lie on the side during sleep and rest, in such a way the uterus will not press on the vena cava, and will not cause problems with circulation.