The manifestation of varicose veins, swelling and cramps may cause some difficulties for expectant mother during the 21st week of pregnancy. The control of weight gain of a pregnant, balanced diet and active lifestyle may help to deal with such manifestations.

Starting from the 21st week of pregnancy its early termination is no longer called a miscarriage but the premature birth. A child born on this term, is already considered as a viable and can survive under the special medical care. Heavy bleedings from the vagina, and a sharp pain in the abdomen are the signs of premature birth.

The presence of red blood in the secretions of the genital tract is also characteristic of previa or placental abruption, a condition requiring medical intervention. If there is a minor bleeding the pregnancy may be prolonged by a variety of drugs, but if blood loss poses a threat to a woman’s life, the best option is delivery.

The emergence of a liquid, light, watery discharge from the vagina may indicate preterm rupture of membranes. In this case, there will not be much discharge, it can leak in small portions, but due to the fact that the lack of integrity of membranes during the first day leads to intrauterine infection of the fetus, this factor should be consulted with a doctor. Premature rupture of membranes often provokes premature birth.