Even if there is already 27th week of pregnancy – do not forget about sex, especially if the state of health allows such an intimate joy. The baby, even in the stomach, is well aware that mom and dad spend good time together, and when he calms down during sex, it is likely because it understands that it is better not to interfere.

Due to the fact that the baby is in the amniotic fluid, it does not feel the tremors, but perfectly feels emotions that his mother feels. Is the baby actively moving after sex again? This is not because of the discomfort that he feels, but under the influence of the hormone endorphin, which identifies the mother’s body.

But the baby feels negative emotions as well. If the mother is nervous, her blood vessels are narrowed under stress therefore oxygen and nutrients enter the child’s body in limited quantities.

The baby enjoys listeting music too. Moreover, if the melody makes his mother happy – he gets this pleasure twice. The sounds of nature or pleasant classic music, easy rock or incendiary jazz, the baby will appreciate the whole repertoire. And if there will play any song he does not like – be sure he will inform you by his behavior.