Pregnancy brings its own adjustments to the menu. Now it is important to pay attention to healthy and natural products, which are indispensable for the mother and the baby.

A pregnant woman should consume seasonal and low-fat foods, such as pumpkin cake – light low-calorie dessert, rich in vitamins, fats, proteins and carbohydrates, as well as carotene, glucose and minerals.

Another discovery – is a carrot puree, which is rich in vitamin A, which plays a key role in cell growth.

Baked plums – are indispensable for digestion, they will help in dealing with constipation. The gluten-free corn, rice and buckwheat will deliver the cellular tissue to your body. It will improve the absorption of nutrients. Porridges are in harmony with different fruits, vegetables, jams, nuts, raisins, dried fruit, and even cheese, and therefore, can be sweet and salty. It is worth for the expectant mother to listen to herself: the body will tell her what combination is now preferred.

Sweets, pastries and white bread, let it be rare guests on the table of the pregnant, extra weight is now useless. Give preference to dairy products, liver, stewed, steamed, low-fat meats and homemade light soup.