23 Weeks Pregnant – Starting from this time on every visit of a gynecologist at the antenatal clinic, in addition to measuring the height of the uterine bottom, volume (circumference) of the abdomen, check-weighing and measurement of blood pressure, the doctor will determine the position of the baby in the womb – his prelying.

If now it turns out that the baby is out of the pelvic part of the uterus (breech) or transverse uterine, do not worry – most likely closer to birth, he will turn and rise towards the cervix head, as it should be. Usually children take constant position in the uterus after 33 weeks of pregnancy, so before this date there is no need to worry.

Also at week twenty-three a pregnant woman will have to pass general analysis of blood and urine and undergo ultrasound, if it was not done before. In addition to assessing the state of the placenta, amniotic fluid, the presence or absence of fetal malformations, ultrasound examination is now probably already can show the baby’s gender.