Much has been said on the state of the hair of pregnant women, there can be a delight on their density and gloss, and complaints about the dull and brittle hair. Do not be offended by the nature, but also do not lie dormant. A pregnant woman should experiment with shampoo, a special condition may require special treatment. Expectant mother should give preference to facilities with natural oils, after checking that there is no negative reaction to the new scent.

At the 23 week of pregnancy the belly is already quite large and another new problems are stretch marks on the skin. Stretch marks appear because of the fact that the tissues lose their elasticity due to the decrease in production of elastin and collagen. The result is that the surface layer of the skin of a pregnant does not manage to increase in proportion to a rounded shape. Therefore, the lower layer of the skin – exoderm – becomes thinner and strained.

Restoration of integrity occurs by replacement of connective tissue that contains the blood vessels. Because of this initially stretch marks are purple or pink, later become lighter. Special cream, a contrast shower and massage activates the nutrition of tissues and helps to train their elasticity.

Discharge during pregnancy does not always mean that the threat of interruption has appeared there, but this fact should be paid a special medical attention. Spotting – is definitely a reason to see a doctor and not self-medicate.