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If the calculation of pregnancy is made by obstetric pregnancy weeks, then now starts the second week of pregnancy. As we have seen in the material of the first week of pregnancy, there is no baby in my mother’s tummy yet, but processes in a woman’s body are actively occurring, preparing it for conception.

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Exactly the second week of pregnancy is the development and maturation of about 20 follicles, one of which will burst out and relieve mature egg for fertilization. This process in the female body is called ovulation and at this time the chance of getting pregnant is the highest. In order to make the “date” of the egg and sperm the most successful, it is necessary to determine the cherished date of ovulation as precisely as possible.

Obstetrician-gynecologist said: “Ovulation – is very capricious mechanism, and may occur in different ways in different ovaries. In some women, ovulation may occur several times a week, this is one of the reasons when pregnancy faces you “suddenly”. Ovulation cannot happen for a few months, if the body suffered severe stress, such as diet or serious illness. Also, the problem of the variability of ovulation is observed in women who recently gave birth or breastfeeding women, as well as in women older than 35-40 years.”

In order to determine the day of ovulation properly you will have to use ovulation test, or listen to your body, because the wise nature is always giving us tips.

Depending on the individual physiological characteristics of the female organism there are such symptoms of ovulation:

  • pain in the ovary out of which comes the egg;
  • short-term pain in the abdomen;
  • increase of basal body temperature;
  • increased vaginal discharge.

pregnancy images - For information on how to measure the basal temperature and what does thermometer indication mean, we have already told in one of our materials. If the graph of basal temperature will be built correctly, you will be able to see and draw a line of so-called ovulation, which will point you the most successful days for conception. You can also take advantage of our service and use an online ovulation calendar to calculate the required date directly on our web-site.

If you deliberately plan to get pregnant, it is now the best time to begin active actions in your “sexual life.” Do not forget that fertilization can occur within one day after ovulation, but the male sperm are viable in the woman’s body for about three days. Thus, conception can occur if you had sexual intercourse 2-3 days before ovulation.

pregnancy images - It is also possible to determine ovulation with the help of several ultrasound procedures. At the end of menstruation, usually on the 7th day after its start, the gynecologist conducts ultrasound examination using a vaginal probe. Monitoring is carried out at a degree of formation of follicles, and in the case of dominant, bigger in size compared to the other, one can confirm existing ovulation.

The US results give the expectant mother a lot of confidence in a positive outcome. Try to pay as much attention to sexual relations. The most “reliable” poses for pregnancy: missionary and knee-elbow. After completion of the process doctors recommend women not to make sudden movements, and lie down in a quiet position, on average, 20 minutes.

Parallel process in the female body is an endometrial cycle – with the help of hormones secreted by the ovaries, uterus walls prepare for the accession of a fertilized egg. In general, our body prepares to the fact that a woman can become a mother during each ovulation.

pregnancy images - Of course, if we consider the second week in terms of obstetricians and gynecologists, then it does not seem possible to consider the second week as pregnancy week, since the woman is still just getting ready to become a mother, and inside there is no new life originated. Due to the fact that the actual conception has not occurred, there are no common pregnancy symptoms such as nausea, fatigue, breast tenderness, discharge or odor intolerance.

A pregnancy test at 2 weeks will also display a negative result due to the fact that the level of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) (a hormone that the female body begins to develop just when the fertilized egg is implanted in the uterus) is not elevated. Barely visible second strip pregnancy test can show only at the 12-14 days after fertilization.

pregnancy images - It is now the time to take care of your health and the state of the future baby: try to create an aura of love and understanding around unborn baby.

Of course, thinking about the pregnancy can be exciting for a young couple, because the child will radically change your life. But thanks to it, you will never feel lonely, learn to enjoy such an important detail and to understand that now there is one man in the world who will always love you infinitely only for the fact that you are – its parents.