Pregnancy by weeks

Pregnancy by weeks

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Thirty-seven weeks pregnant

If during the 36th week of gestation an expectant mother experiences problems with sleep and heartburn, so what to expect during the 37th week...

Thirty-seven weeks pregnant: Helpful tips

  Produced by the female body hormones make her very sensitive mucous membrane, and this is reflected in the erogenous zones, thus causing sexual vigor....

Thirty-seven weeks pregnant: Necessary tests

  On the 37th week of pregnancy, the expectant mother will have to visit the antenatal clinic and her obstetrician-gynecologist. At the reception, a doctor...

Thirty-seven weeks pregnant: Possible difficulties

  Almost all the problems are mainly familiar to expectant mother, new questions may arise due to the results of analyzes (protein in the urine,...

Thirty-seven weeks pregnant: Nutrition for the future mother

  Nutrition for the expectant mother on the 37th week of pregnancy should be balanced in composition and energetic value as well as fully comply...

Thirty-seven weeks pregnant: How does pregnancy chsnge mother’s life?

  If the expectant mother prepares for the childbirth for the first time, at the 37th week of pregnancy the uterus may already fall down,...

Thirty-seven weeks pregnant: Future baby

  On the 37th week of pregnancy, the baby continues to gain weight and now his weight is about 2900-3000 g, and an average length...

Thirty-seven weeks pregnant: What is happening?

  The thickness of the placenta at the 37th week is about 35 mm., the fading processes have already started. In this regard, the doctor...

Thirty-seven weeks pregnant: Gestation course

  The estimated childbirth date is getting closer, and you should solve the problem of choosing the hospital and the doctor by this period. Also,...
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Thirty-six weeks pregnant

Let's learn more about how will the future mother feel herself during this week, and talk about problems may occur in the future. Thirty-six weeks...
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