The eighteenth week of pregnancy – is the fifth month of “especial position” of a woman. Most often an expectant mother can have quite clear feel of the stirring of the baby at this term, which would give her some kind of awareness – that there is a real life originated in her body which indicates its presence.

If a woman still does not feel the first movements of the baby, do not panic, most likely, it will happen a little later. Some expectant mothers notice the first stirring of a baby at 22-23 week, which is absolutely normal.

After the baby hath made known that it is inside, you should pay attention to the frequency of its stirrings: normally a baby should actively get in touch with the outside world about 4-8 times per hour.

If the frequency of fetal movement is higher, perhaps, the baby does not have enough oxygen and making movements, it tries to make it’s heart beat faster, so as to supply the body with more blood and oxygen. Walking in the fresh air, deep breathing exercises, or yoga for pregnant women, will help to saturate the blood with oxygen and improve the situation.