During the 15th week of pregnancy the baby is the size of a small orange. Its growth is about 11 cm and a weight of about 60-80 g. Right now, the left and right hemispheres of the brain are covered with furrows and convolutions. The formation of the cerebral cortex is started and will last for a month.

Also during this period the central nervous system is actively formed. The endocrine glands of the fetus are developed. The respiratory system and the taste buds are already formed.

If the expectant mother is waiting for a boy, during the 15th week of gestation he begins to produce the male hormone testosterone. Also during this period opens the glottis and the vocal cords are completely formed.

15 Weeks Pregnant: the cardio vascular system of the child is developed. It is possible to notice the vascular net shining through his skin. Sometimes the skin becomes reddish (due to the intensive work of the heart, which pumps more than 20 liters of blood per day.)

In the body of the future baby started the production of pigments responsible for the color of its hair, the liver secretes bile that comes into the large intestine and activates the bowels. The urinary bladder of a child empties frequently, as the kidneys work more actively.