The 4th week of pregnancy refers to the first trimester. It is very important period because it largely determines the health of the unborn baby. At this time the development of the fetus can be affected by everything – cleanliness and ecological environmental where future mother live, the mode of her sleep and wakefulness, diet and many other factors.

Try to pay attention to your health and protect yourself from exposure of microbes, alcohol, tobacco, do not perform any medical examinations without approval from your doctor and do not take any medications without urgent need. At this early stage of pregnancy undesirable are fluctuations in blood pressure, fever, headache, disorders of the digestive system, and any other disease conditions.

Working Day “From Dusk Till Dawn”, the late surfs in the Internet, snacking on the go, meeting with your friend in a stuffy bar or going to night club – try to forget about all this during pregnancy, especially if you hope or even already assured that there is a new life inside you.

Of course, it may be psychologically difficult for the expectant mother to get used to the idea and realize that she would have to change her attitudes to many accustomed things and to treat carefully each of her action. However, instead of this you are getting an incomparable happiness – waiting for the birth of your baby.