Of course, the nutrition of the expectant mother during the 19th week of pregnancy should be correct, balanced and healthy.

The Golden rules of good health and proper nutrition are:

  • taboo on fried, fatty, spicy and salty;
  • more fresh vegetables and fruits;
  • dairy products on a mandatory basis;
  • meal in small portions;
  • no alcohol, strong tea and coffee.

If the weight gain of the expectant mother is already significant, it is worth to gradually reduce the amount of fats and carbohydrates eaten. But it is not necessary to think about the diet – the child requires boiled meat and fish, cheese and yogurt, vegetable oil and olive oil, wheat and rye bread and eggs.

The need for vitamins and trace elements of the expectant mother has increased in half times, so the menu of the pregnant must include seasonal fruits, vegetables and herbs. It is not worth to eat “for two”, but little bit of everything, carefully thinking over breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, supplying the body useful building material and avoiding empty carbohydrates.