At 6 weeks of pregnancy, a pregnant can feel lower back pain. Most often, this is normal phenomenon and is explained by softening of supporting ligaments and disks under the influence of a large amount of progesterone in the body.

However, it should be noted that if the pain becomes quite acute and does not stop, the expectant mother may get a bladder infection.

Pulling and cramping abdominal pain at the 6th week of pregnancy may also have a different reason: it can be a sign of physiological ligament sprain of uterus or a symptom of threatened miscarriage. Therefore, if the stomach hurts all the time, there are bloody spotting and uterus is in good shape, it is necessary to see a doctor as soon as possible.

In general, follow the consistency, color and smell of excrements at the 6th week of pregnancy. It is necessary for an expectant mother to avoid candidiasis. During candidiasis (thrush) excrements are light, heavy, they are of curd consistency, as the disease is characterized by itching and burning of the genitals. Brownish, greenish or yellowish excrements may be an indication of the beginning of an infection, but if you noticed that they were bloody, it indicates to a high threat of miscarriage.