During the 13th week of pregnancy, the expectant mother does not feel the signs of toxicity, her appetite returns, she becomes less irritable and feels much more better. The uterus continues to grow in size and becomes more elastic and soft. Due to its volume the uterus can no longer be placed in the pelvic cavity, therefore it continues to climb up into the abdominal cavity, forming a pregnant woman a small tummy.

If a pregnant woman managed to hide her “interesting position” earlier, now it is harder to do it, especially if she has slender body. Shortness of breath may occur – as the uterus puts pressure on the diaphragm.

By the 13th week of pregnancy, it is already possible to notice an increase in size of the breast. Some members of the fairer sex “waiting for a miracle”, may begin to secret the colostrum (during the massage and pressure on the nipples).

The body pigmentation may appear: on the face of pregnant women appear light-brown spots, darkens the area around the nipples, appears dark stripe from the navel down to the pubis.