If the baby is born at 38 weeks of pregnancy, it will be completely full-term newborn, and the childbirth is considered as urgent, i.e. which take place at the appointed time. The dimensions of the child are very close to the classical canons: the length is about 50-51 cm and a weight of about 3000 – 3200 g.

The circumference of the baby’s head is about 34-35 cm., and there are two noticeable fontanelles on it. Dimensions of the front fontanelle are on average 2.5-3 cm, rear -. 0.5 cm, and the head itself is about ¼ of the total body length. The internal systems of the body work very actively.

At 38 weeks of pregnancy the subcutaneous fat layer of the body is already well developed, the skin is pink and velvety, in some areas covered with vellus hair (lanugo), the muscles are in a state of desired tone.

On the breast of the baby appear the circles around the nipples, each with a diameter of about 1 cm. The cartilages of ears are well developed and sufficiently elastic, thick nail plates completely cover the toes.