At 38 weeks of pregnancy the expectant mother should pay a visit to a doctor, who will be delivering a baby. The doctor will make an inspection of a woman and it’s not just a precaution, or the stage of acquaintance, on this term it is necessary to understand what is the condition of the uterus, because delivery can already begin at 38 weeks.

Do not forget that the visit to the doctor during the third trimester of pregnancy – is a weekly necessity. As well as the fact that you will have to be tested quite often, because each of examinations will help your doctor to see and prevent serious illness in the course of pregnancy.

For example, a reduction in the number of red blood cells in the blood test result indicates the beginning of the development of anemia, and a fall in the platelet count – a violation of clotting. Poor urine analyzes may indicate the possible threat of diabetes – in this case if the amount of  glucose is increased, the increased protein level is a signal of renal problems, and the increase in the number of leukocytes – indicates to the development of the inflammatory process.