A few weeks before childbirth it is recommended for an expectant mother to exclude from the diet foods that are difficult to digest red meat, beans, mushrooms, coarse cereals, for example pearl barley and brown rice. This will clean the intestines and prepare the digestive system of a pregnant woman for a serious process of delivery.

At this period a woman has already added quite an impressive amount of kilograms, and if there is a need to control or adjust the weight you can arrange fasting days. In general, it is better to eat frequently 5-6 times a day, in small portions, not to overeat, with an emphasis on light non-caloric food.

However, you don’t need to adhere to strict diet, at 38 weeks of pregnancy diet should be nutritious enough that the expectant mother could gain strength before delivery.

For example, you may increase the amount of protein in the diet at the expense of dairy products, eggs and fish. Do not forget about dairy products: cheese, milk, yogurt are an excellent source of essential calcium and potassium.

If the expectant mother is prone to edema, it is recommended to monitor the consumption of water and allocated liquid at all. You should also limit the amount of salt in your diet and abandon the use of sharp, spicy, smoked, pickled foods.