35 week of pregnancy – if the number of the scales shows not very pleasant mark, it is likely that your doctor will recommend a diet that leads to normal weight and improvements of health.

The main thing in the diet for pregnant women is not to cut portions but eat less caloric food, eat more often and in small portions.

Replacing high-calorie foods in your menu with light sign foods, you will not gain any extra kilograms, but your body will get the same amount of vitamins and minerals.

Fat free dairy products or products with a low percentage of its content (to 0.5) will help to control your weight. They are also useful, but do not allow you to gain extra kilos, however, with the proviso that there is no starch in it. So do not forget to read the label and composition carefully.

Be careful with sugar and sweet water. It is better to drink mineral water without gas, green tea, herbal teas. They contain many vitamins, minerals and enzymes that strengthen the immunity.

You will have to eat unsweetened oatmeal. In such a way your intestines will get soft and natural cleansing every day. It’s hard to eat porridge without sugar, isn’t it? Add jam, marmalades and defrosted berries – it will be simply delicious.

Pay attention to the cereal – there is no fat and sugar, but a lot of minerals, which not only normalize metabolism, but also help to absorb vitamins.