On the 34th week of pregnancy the expectant mother should monitor her weight, and consequently, the quantity and quality of consumed products. If the number accumulated kilograms is already sufficient, it is necessary to reduce the amount of sweet and starchy foods, to give up fatty and fried foods, fast foods and exclude sodas.

If you need to coordinate food for improving bowel movement, it is possible to include into the diet the use of juices with pulp such as apple, pear or plum juice.

Do not forget about maintaining water balance, so that in the morning, immediately after waking up, you can drink a glass of water or juice, and after 20 minutes visit the toilet.

The cup of yogurt in the night- is the key to a soft defecation in the morning, and the whole dairy products are excellent assistants during pregnancy. Fiber such as: fresh and steamed vegetables and fruits, whole grain cereals will also help to establish regular bowel movements.