The amount of amniotic fluid, usually reaches its maximum between 34th and 36th weeks and decreases during the last weeks, in order to provide more space for the child.

Very little time remained before the childbirth, and if the expectant mother feels good, you can enroll in courses for pregnant women, choose the doctor and hospital. If a pregnant woman is planning to vertical birth or birth in water, it is necessary to pay attention to the necessary conditions in the selected hospital. The doctor who will deliver a baby should have the appropriate qualifications.

34 week is a great time to start collecting everything you need for delivery in separate bags. As a result, it should turn out three separate packages: the first with things for baby, the second with things for the mother, the third – with drugs. Things are better to put in a prominent place, because delivery may begin at any time, and at this time the expectant mother will have no time to look for something around the house.