At 39 weeks of pregnancy the expectant mother knows that childbirth is very close, and her condition fluctuates, as a mathematical sine wave: on one hand she is happy that agonizing 9 months of expectation are finally over, on the other hand she feels stressed about the childbirth. Both emotions are absolutely normal for a woman in such an interesting position, because she already feels the responsibility for the life and condition of the child, especially if she experiences the pregnancy and childbirth for the first time.

39th week – is the last deadline when you still have a little time to choose the hospital, meet with a doctor who will take delivery, ask him all the exciting questions and get important answers. Mental attitude before the birth – is an important component of the success of this event. Expectant mother should understand that it is – a full member of everything is happening now.

Of course, an obstetrician-professional – is a necessary condition for successful childbirth, but active role of the future mother in this process is also very important. The way a long-awaited baby comes into being – is an important factor of its psycho-emotional development.