Starting from 31 weeks of pregnancy, the baby will be gaining 180-200 grams per week. Now its weight is 1400-1600, length of about 41 cm, and a head diameter of almost 78 mm.

Fetal brain weight at this stage of pregnancy is already about 25% of the weight of an adult brain.

The accumulation of fat is accompanied by an increase in skin tone, the formation of natural folds in the areas of bone joints. Subcutaneous fat will compensate the imperfection of the thermoregulatory system and help to maintain a constant body temperature of the newborn.

The iris eye of the fetus gradually accumulates pigment and darkens at the same time with the hair. However, this process is much slower than the hair darkening, and most light-skinned babies are born with blue-gray eyes. During the first year the iris will acquire the final color which was laid genetically.

The vision allows the baby to continue perceive only light and darkness. The child starts distinguish colors just after birth, but in the meantime, if the baby feels bright light, it changes the magnitude of the apple of the eye.

The mass of internal organs continues to increase. The pancreas is already able to fully provide the fetus with insulin.