At 31 weeks of pregnancy, some pregnant women notice that their bowel movement became irregular. If earlier the intestine emptied daily, but now it happens every few days. Constipation occurs because the pregnancy hormone progesterone slows peristalsis and the enlarged uterus presses on it, preventing the intestines to contract.

Some pregnant women a constipation may be accompanied by flatulence. The woman feels discomfort, heaviness in the abdomen, gases may discharge inadvertently.

31st week is characterized by the fact that some pregnant expectant mothers notice that in the supine position they begin to feel dizzy. This is due to compression of the inferior vena cava by enlarged uterus. To avoid such troubles don’t lie on your back, a comfortable position is on the right or left side. It is better not to hurry when getting up out of bed: after waking up it is necessary to pull yourself, then take a few minutes to sit, and only then to get up.

In order to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles the future mom can do Kegel exercises-they help to prevent breaks during the childbirth and facilitate the birth of a child. Try to perform exercises daily up to the birth.

Each week, the breast becomes heavier. It can start to allocate colostrum: it is a period of preparation for lactation. If the stretch marks appeared on the breast, you should use special means for pregnant women, moisturizing and protecting the skin. Do not forget about the magical benefits of a contrast shower, massage and air baths during pregnancy breasts need special care and training.