At 31 weeks of gestation the amount of vaginal discharge of pregnant women may increase. This is due to the fact that genital blood supply reaches its maximum. At the same time the discharge remains light gray or milky in color, homogeneous, with a sour smell.

The appearance of cheesy discharge, possibly in conjunction with itching, burning sensation in the genital area is a symptom of candidiasis (thrush).

The appearance of red bloody discharge from the genital tract in pregnant women may be caused by placenta previa or abruption. Even if the discharge is not big and there is a small abruption, but woman has a stomach ache, this testifies to increase of uterine tone and possible early delivery.

The emergence of liquid, watery discharge from the genital tract, tells about the outpouring of amniotic fluid. Water leak in small portions, and the danger of this situation is that a woman cannot just give importance to this symptom. However, any suspicion of a violation of the integrity of the membranes should be a cause for seeking medical attention, because a child at this point runs the risk of intrauterine infection.