At 31 weeks of pregnancy the expectant mother put on about 250-300 g of weight, but the bulk of this gain is caused by an increase in the size of the baby. Of course, if a pregnant woman has no problems with edema and obesity.

The uterus is rapidly increasing in volume, its bottom has risen by 32 cm. above the symphysis pubis bone. Sometimes the uterus comes in tone for a short time, therefore the pregnant woman can experience pulling of the lower abdomen. This phenomenon is called Braxton Hicks contractions, so the body is training to childbirth.

Baby’s movements at 31 weeks of pregnancy are felt good, but their intensity is somewhat reduced. The kid has grown and is already in cramped conditions, it doesn’t have enough space in the womb, and it cannot feel freely as before and show its activity.

At 31 weeks of pregnancy the head of the baby is most often located at the entrance to the pelvis, and this location is usually kept up to the birth. In some cases, the presenting part is buttock, in such case in the upper part of the stomach it is possible to feel the baby’s head.

Baby’s movements should be fixed, for this purpose in the prenatal hospital the expectant mother is given a special form, in which they should be fixed. The number of perturbations must be at least 10 times per 12 hours, or 4 movements per hour during rest.