Pregnant women in a baby room. Preparing the room for the baby


The estimated childbirth date is getting closer, and you should solve the problem of choosing the hospital and the doctor by this period. Also, by this time you should decide how exactly the expectant mother will give birth, whether she plans partner childbirth or not. You should also gather everything you need for yourself and your baby in special bags or packages.

If a woman haven’t found time for courses for pregnant before, the 37th week – is the perfect time for reading books and magazines on appropriate direction, where you can find the answers to all the arising questions.

It is also important not to panic, listen less horror stories from your relatives and friends on how they gave birth and remember that the birth as a pregnancy itself – is absolutely individual process, and the problems that have happened with friends, may not happen with you.

If a pregnant woman has a mood and her state of health allows, it is better to dedicate the last weeks before the birth to a pleasant buying of things for the baby. Nowadays you don’t even need to leave the walls of the apartment – the online stores offer you an excellent range of products, and you can see the reviews of those who have already purchased and uses the selected stroller or crib. If there is a children’s room in the house you have to finish all the improvements before the birth, so that the newborn won’t be able to smell the paint, glue and varnish.