Herbal drinks and teas contain large amounts of biologically active substances and are endowed with tonic properties, so during pregnancy you should replace your favorite coffee or strong black tea with herbal pleasure. Of course, do not abuse herbs, but remember that the raspberry contains useful vitamins and helps with colds, Melissa improves nighttime sleep and relieve irritability and will not be superfluous.

The rhubarb or dandelion tea will help to normalize bowel function. Problems with bloating may be solved with the help of tincture of anise, coriander, mint or dill. Some herbs can be dangerous for a woman in such a special position so ginseng promotes the increase of pressure and echinacea, on the contrary, its decrease. Oregano, thyme and lovage stimulate uterine contractions and may lead to premature birth, and scarlet – provokes bleeding and reduces the content of potassium in the blood.