33 Weeks Pregnant – woman starts feeling the approaching birth. Thoughts about the upcoming event interfere with the sleep, sometimes pulls the stomach, frightening premature resolution of the pregnancy.

With a lack of calcium and the accumulation of excess fluid the muscles of the hands periodically cramp. In the supine position, the expectant mother may feel heaviness in the lower back, and sometimes even pain spreading along the thigh to the knee – it is a consequence of the growing uterus compression of the femoral nerve that passes through the neighborhood.

The strong tension of the skin of the anterior abdominal wall tension is accompanied by stretch marks on the skin and the appearance of itching, decreasing by applying a moisturizer or cream for stretch marks.

The growing belly can support a bandage by which the uterus is maintained in an upright position, does not fall and does not stretch the abdomen.

The uterine pressure on the diaphragm restricts the mobility of the lungs, which becomes the cause of dyspnea.