At 32nd week of pregnancy a future mother may experience low back pain (more rest), heartburn (a doctor will tell how to relieve this condition). Your internal organs are now slightly shifted due to the large size of the stomach. Due to the delayed fluid in your organism you may face such problems as – swollen veins, swollen ankles, fingers, face. At 32 weeks of pregnancy you should reduce the amount of consumed fluid, carbohydrates and salt.

At 32nd week of pregnancy a dark vertical bar appears on the abdomen of a pregnant woman, which usually disappears after childbirth. The navel can become convex. The skin on the abdomen becomes thin and dry, it is strongly stretched, causing itching, stretch marks may appear.

Due to the hormonal changes a hair growth may be noticeable on a woman’s body. It will disappear after the birth.

32nd week of pregnancy is characterized by the fact that breasts are beginning to establish milk production. To do this, the adrenal glands of the fetus intensively produce a special hormone – prolactin, which stimulates lactation establishment.