Don’t torture yourself with any tests until there is no need, they are unlikely to show any definite result. But if you are constantly monitored by a doctor-gynecologist, a blood test for hCG may identify whether you are pregnant or not at the end of 3rd week.

It is also necessary to know that at the beginning of pregnancy female body actively secretes the hormone progesterone, which prepares the uterus to the settlement of the embryo and affects the nervous system of the future mother, creating favorable conditions for the preservation and development of pregnancy. Having checked the amount of progesterone in the blood of a woman, it is also possible to conclude whether you are pregnant or not.

Common pharmaceutical test for pregnancy at the 3rd week will not show you the real picture, as the duration of pregnancy is still too small, and even if the level of hCG is increasing, it is still insufficient to draw firm conclusions.

If you regularly measure the basal temperature by the end of 3rd week you may be absolutely sure in your pregnancy: more than 3 consecutive days basal temperature rises above 37 ° C.

Ultrasound examination using transvaginal probe at the 3rd week of pregnancy can show whether the embryo develops in the uterus or there is extrauterine pregnancy. Although it is difficult to interpret ultrasound data with absolute confidence on this term.

The best possible solution for the future mom at the 3rd week of pregnancy – is to calm down and relax while waiting for good news that the stork finally arrived to you.