If arisen bloody issues become intense and abundant, it means that the blastocyst failed to gain a foothold on the wall of the uterus, and the next menstrual period begun, though a bit ahead of schedule.

It can happen for various reasons, but one of them – the eternal struggle of the female body with the fetal egg as a carrier of a male cell, which develops inside every pregnant woman.

But wise nature has thought up a special mechanism to combat with itself: the blastocyst produces special immunosuppressive protein that reduces the work of women’s immunity and future baby – carrier of the enemy male cells – is gaining time to hide behind salvatory placenta.

Unfortunately, it is not always possible to survive. There are still a number of factors that can trigger a miscarriage during the third week, for example, alcohol consumption, viral infections, hormonal disorders (lack of progesterone hormone), use of medications, stress, etc.