Twenty-eight Weeks Pregnant: Fetal length is 35 cm, the weight is already more than 1 kg, head diameter is increased to 70.5 mm, the diameter of the chest – to 71.9 mm, and the belly – to 73.5 mm…..

The fetus continues to grow and develop, the features of his little face become softer, the cheeks become rounded and the first constrictions appear on the arms and legs. The hair on the head begins to accumulate a pigment and become darker.

Continues the process of the cerebral cortex development, and now, at 28 weeks of pregnancy one can already suppose what hemisphere of the brain will be the leading. In the classic right-handers, who are already pulling their right hand fingers, the activity of the left hemisphere of the brain will dominate, while in the left-handers, which often use their left hand, the right hemisphere will be more active.

All the breathing patterns are already formed in the baby’s lungs. At this time, the amount of surfactant responsible for maintaining the airiness of the alveoli after inhalation, reaches its first maximum. Premature babies which are born at 28th week, already have the ability to breathe on their own. However, due to imperfections and thermoregulation, and other functions of the organism it certainly needs special care in an incubator, which creates favorable conditions for further development of the child, supported by the constancy of compositio.