Pregnancy – is not the time for smoking. Do not allow smoking in your presence, because even passive smoking possesses risks of child’s developmental anomalies and can undermine its health.

If the expectant mother feels good, it makes no sense to give up the role of the car driver. Of course, it is desirable that the car had air conditioning – it is unacceptable for the expectant mother to breath exhaust fumes. Also, staying behind the wheel, take care of comfortable shoes, move the seat so that there was enough space for the belly, and put a pillow under the waist, if necessary.

Move more, it will serve as the prevention of hypoxia. It is even worth to sign up for swimming. The water movements are smooth, it supports a growing belly. The water treatment hardens off and calms the nervous system, as well as unloads the veins, reducing the likelihood of varicose veins.