The child grows up, his movements gradually become less sweeping, it rarely changes its position in the uterus, but having contrived, is still able to roll over from head to feet. The child shows the greatest activity when the uterus is relaxed, i.e, when the expectant mother lies and rests. When a woman works, actively moves, the baby almost calms down and does not move. To assess the condition of the fetus you should count its perturbations.

Depending on the doctor’s recommendations, similar calculations should be carried out for 12 hours while pregnant is living a normal life and perform her duties at work or at home, or within 1 hour of rest in the supine position. Normally, the child must move at least 10 times for half a day, or at least 4 times, counting for one hour.

At the twenty-eight week of pregnancy, the breast tissues of some expectant mothers may start to produce colostrum, because the body is preparing for future breast feeding. Most often at this time the pregnant woman may observe such features as pigmentation and stretch marks, varicose veins, heartburn and swelling.