25 Weeks Pregnant: the belly is already big enough, its circumference increases by approximately 1 cm every week. The bottom of the uterus rises above the belly button approximately in 5.4 cm, and is separated from the pubic symphysis in 25 cm.

The placenta grows in size and gradually begins to rise closer to the bottom of the uterus. The thickness of the placenta at 25 weeks of pregnancy is about 27 mm. Those pregnant women which are prone to problems with veins may notice varicose veins and feel the pain in their legs and swelling in the shins.

In order to relieve varicose veins you should monitor the increase in weight, wear a special compression garment, wash your feet with contrast shower, change position frequently throughout the day.

Quite often, the expansion of veins of the external genitalia is detected in the second half of pregnancy. In this case, it is recommended to rest, lying down. Doctors usually prescribe therapy for the prevention of thrombus formation to improve the condition of blood vessels and reduce blood clotting.

The appearance of unpleasant sensations in the rectal area, itching, burning, pain, and bleeding from the anus during bowel movement can indicate the presence of hemorrhoids. The pains when emptying the rectum and blood strip on the stool indicate the presence of an anal fissure. In order to avoid this pregnant woman should follow the digestion and prevent constipation.