Most often the expectant mother is treated as a child during pregnancy: she gets the most delicious piece, the freshest salad, the most delicious and juicy fruit. However, do not forget about the rules of safety in the pursuit of vitamins and minerals.

One of them – is to adhere to the seasonality of food, and to eat foods that are grown or produced in those latitudes, where the expectant mother lives. That is the food that was consumed over the centuries by our ancestors, and has a greater chance to be digested with the maximum benefit.

Such products are familiar to the body of the pregnant and do not cause any stress, allergies, which can be fixed at the use of unusual, exotic products. Also, you should not use the first, early fruits and vegetables during pregnancy. It is better to introduce them into the diet of a pregnant woman a little bit later. Since the body of the mother and the baby gets less nitrates and other chemicals.

Another important point: the expectant mother should follow the amount of food eaten, because now she is not very active and dynamic, which means that sometimes she eats out of habit, for example, seizing boredom, grief or nerve experiences.

What should be on the expectant mother’s table? The best solution is to eat food which resembles a child’s diet. Less fatty, fried, spicy, salty and sweet, careful of the food innovation, now it is not the time to experiment. Required items on the menu – are porridge, boiled lean meat and fish, fruit and vegetables, dairy products. The main thing is that the products are natural and safe.

One of the most important components of the diet of pregnant – is vitamin E, not for nothing that it has the honorary name “pregnancy vitamin” and is able to prevent a lot of trouble. It is good that this vitamin is always at hand, because it is contained in the greenery, eggs, buckwheat, pomegranates, persimmons, nuts and vegetable oil. It is important to remember that vitamin E is afraid of the light, so such products-helpers should be protected from sunlight.