The amount of amniotic fluid is dependent on the organism specific features of a pregnant. At 24 week of pregnancy the amount of amniotic fluid is about 600-700 ml. The amount of amniotic fluid increases throughout the pregnancy, and only shortly before the birth its amount is getting smaller. Usually this rate varies from 1-1.5 liter, and by 37-38 weeks of pregnancy is reduced to about 800 ml.

The composition of the amniotic fluid is characterized by a surprising constancy regardless of changes in its quantity, and water updates on a regular basis. Scientists have found that this happens 1 time in 2 hours 54 minutes. During this time, the “old” water outputs, and the “new” forms.

At 24 weeks of pregnancy belly continues to grow, and the bottom of the uterus rises 4 cm above the navel. The increase in abdominal circumference leads to the fact that the skin begins to stretch, the navel first is smoothed and then begins to bulge outward. On midline of the abdomen may appear some pigmentation and the stretch marks will be formed.

Stretch marks are formed as a result of discrepancies of subcutaneous cellular fibers, and occur most often on the skin of the breasts, hips, and the lower side of the abdomen. Of course, most of the stretch marks are explained by the genetic factors, but also expectant mother should monitor her diet, avoid rapid weight gain and carefully take care of her skin applying special creams and oils to prevent the appearance of stretch marks.