At 29 weeks of gestation future baby weighs around 1200, and its growth is about 35 cm. It is the size of a small head of cabbage which is getting more and more closely in the uterus.

The acrobatic stunts and turnings are replaced by light or tangible enough shocks, knees and elbows kicks. On average, the expectant mother feels 5-10 tremors per hour, and it is only those movements which she feels. Actually the kid makes much more movements.

The kid hears very good and can distinguish between the sounds and voices around him. It also responds to familiar voices of his mum and dad. The nails are gradually growing. Continues the deposition of subcutaneous fat, it is actively swallowing amniotic fluid, taking it out of the body through urine and meconium. Due to the active processes of excretion of the baby increases the amount of amniotic fluid updates, it is important that the child was in a secure environment.

The skin of the fetus begins to lose the lanugo fluff. First it disappears on the protruding parts of the body – on the shoulders, upper back, lower back. In these places reduces also the number of vernix, it remains substantially in the natural folds, and on the front part of the torso. Subcutaneous fat continues to accumulate in baby’s body forming folds in the joints.

The child’s blood contains all the cells, it is already able to transfer oxygen, defend against infections and bleeding. The heart of the fetus beats with a frequency of 130-140 beats per minute, pumping the mixed blood through the vessels, which formed from the arterial and venous blood of the umbilical cord blood flowing from all organs. Later, at birth, blood circulation will change so that the arterial and venous blood flows will be separated, and the blood will be oxygenated in the lungs.