21 week of pregnancy: the baby weighs about 300 grams and its dimensions are approximately 20 cm. The baby’s size often depends on the constitution of parents and is transferred genetically, of course, if the expectant mother has not resorted to the drug or vitamin support in the course of pregnancy.

The body of a baby is became more rounded, this is due to the process of increasing of subcutaneous tissue. The legs became longer. The beginnings of deciduous teeth are already located in its gums. The formation of cilia and eyebrows is completed. Almost all of the endocrine glands of a baby already perform their functions, but their work is far from perfect.

The kid actively drinks the amniotic fluid, and because of the taste buds that have already appeared on his tongue, he can distinguish their taste. The kidneys of a baby started their functioning, they skip the filtered liquid, a portion of which is displayed in the form of urine, and the other – accumulates in the large intestine, turning in meconium – the firstborn cal.