Here beginning of the sixth month of pregnancy, and already soon an expectant mother will meet her baby. So it is worth to pay attention to the courses for future parents, as well as to begin choosing the hospital. At 21th week of pregnancy the expectant mother clearly feels every wiggling of a baby and joyfully responds to it putting a hand to her stomach. Of course, not all the child’s movements are captured by a future mom, for example, it’s not possible to feel the movement if it flinches, turns its head, moves its lips inaudibly or pulls a finger in its mouth. According to experts at the 21th week of pregnancy, the baby makes up to 200 different movements a day, and the expectant mother captures only about 10-15 of them.

The figure of a pregnant woman has already acquired rounded enough shape, which is absolutely normal in this condition, but the weight gain must be monitored closely, because there is still three months of the third trimester left, when the baby is actively gaining weight.