At 21th week of pregnancy, some expectant mothers may experience heartburn, which occurs because the uterus increased in size and pressures on the stomach, moving it upwards. Such pressure leads to the fact that the contents of the stomach together with the acid, which is involved in the digestion of food is thrown back into the esophagus, which provokes discomfort.

If the heartburn interfere the life of the expectant mother, try to follow a few simple rules:

– refuse fried, smoked, pickled and salty foods;

– refrain from acidic fruits and drinks;

– do not drink carbonated water;

– try not to bend forward and bend at the waist after eating.

In connection with the growth of the belly of a pregnant woman there may appear stretch marks and itching of the skin on the sides. To alleviate the skin condition, you must purchase a moisturizer or nourishing lotion of a special series for pregnant women. The most common cosmetics of such a direction are sold in pharmacies and help to prevent the appearance of stretch marks and reduce their appearance on the skin.

Also at this period the breast of expectant mother may begin to allocate colostrum, this is because the female body prepares for the process of breastfeeding. However, if a pregnant woman doesn’t notice any discharge from the breast, this in no way affect the forthcoming lactation and the amount of milk after giving birth.

Vaginal discharge at 21 weeks’ gestation may be more abundant and liquid, which is explained by the influence of progesterone on the vaginal mucosa and changes in the microflora of the genital tract. In most cases this allocation is bright, whitish-grayish or milky, smooth consistency. Any deviation from the norm, the appearance of flakes, clots, impurities in the form of blood, mucus or pus indicates the presence of disease and the need to seek emergency medical attention.