The nature has thought everything over: it provided the mother with food intuition. Of course, hormones help this sixth sense with its operation. The level of hormones increases while waiting for the child. The progesterone determines which substances in pregnant woman are normal, and which are in short supply, and builds a special program to remedy any deficiency, causing the desire to eat something specific.

Everything that is eaten by the expectant mother comes to the baby through the umbilical cord, so it is worth to remember that you need to give the child the best. Try to eat slowly, in small portions several times a day. In this way, everything tasted by the pregnant woman, will be digested and assimilated in the best way, as well as smaller meals will help to avoid heartburn. The most useful – is freshly cooked dish.

The obligatory menu item are fresh vegetables, fruits, berries, of course those expectant mother loves the most. The diet of pregnant women should be diverse, it requires the presence of three main components: proteins (meat, fish, dairy products), fats (nuts, oil) and carbohydrates (cereals, vegetables and fruits).

If there is no propensity to edema, the expectant mother should drink about 1 liter of fluid per day. It is better to drink pure water, herbal teas and fruit drinks.

Do you want to eat some “junk food”? Of course, don’ t deny yourself, but it is also necessary to remember that the use of such products should be strictly observed. In the future, you will need to look for an alternative harmful “snacks”, for example, eat dried fruits and honey instead of cakes, baked meat or steam turkey cutlet instead of smoked meat that contain dyes and preservatives, buy hard cheese instead of soft cheese (especially those kinds with mold) and drink cocoa instead of loved coffee.