Despite the fact that the ratio of the volume of amniotic fluid and fetal weight is reduced, a child may still change its position in the uterus. Thus, it can be located down the pelvic end or head, but soon the baby can roll over and stay otherwise. It will take a little more time, and the cramped conditions will impede the movement, then the fetal presentation will be final and will be maintained until the birth. Any presentation does not create problems during childbirth because it is not permanent and can be changed.

At 27th week of pregnancy the physical activity of a baby is still quite noticeable. An expectant mother can feel its distinct strokes. In some women, toddler activity increases in the evening, someone notices that the baby starts “beeping” after a meal or when the expectant mother lies.

During this period, you must pay close attention to the vision of the future mother. Some women may experience fixed weakening of eye muscles, loss of visual acuity, corneal dryness, burning and irritation in the eyes. If the expectant mother notices any of the above symptoms, she should always consult a doctor.