Balanced menu of the expectant mother promotes normal physical and mental development of the child. If the expectant mother wants to give birth to a healthy baby then it is necessary to choose the most useful and vitamin products.

At 23 week of pregnancy the expectant mother should pay attention to adequate intake of vitamin A. This vitamin is actively fighting against viruses, pathogenic bacteria, making the skin clean, smooth and supple.

Unfortunately, vitamin A is not produced in the body, so it is necessary to consume products in which it is contained: fish oil, egg yolks, sour cream, milk, fat cheese, onions, spinach, lettuce, peas, carrots, mandarins and pumpkin. Vegetables containing vitamin A should be consumed with added fat, such as butter or cream.

Vitamin B6 is also very important – it will help a pregnant woman to calm her nerves, prevent anemia and edema, and is required for normal development of the nervous system of the baby. For the replenishment of vitamin B6 in the body you should regularly eat meat, fish, cheese, legumes, eggs, seeds and dried fruits. An important nuance: in the frozen and cooked products the content of vitamin B6 is reduced, and in dehydrated – is preserved.

A future mother should give preference to steamed, baked or boiled products. Milk, cream and mineral water without gas will help to reduce the possible manifestation of heartburn. Boiled meat, fish, butter and vegetable oil are also beneficial to your health.