By the end of the second trimester there may change the condition of the skin of the future mother: it can become fatter, drier, more sensitive. In connection with this fact it is necessary to conduct an audit of your cosmetics, and if necessary, acquire new tools that will make your skin beautiful and healthy.

Being pregnant it better to abandon the creams with hormones, and different anti-aging cosmetics containing retinol. Try to stock up on facilities capable of providing good skin hydration and freshness.

A future mother should remember about the condition of her water balance. Drink clean water or herbal teas in order to maintain water balance. These drinks will not cause any edema, if you do not abuse the salt, and the benefit is obvious: the liquid is necessary for the beauty and for the renovation of amniotic fluid.

The tendency to stretch marks is often inherited, but genes – are only a predisposition, not a sentence. The lack of content the elastic fibers in the skin can be compensated by a proper diet, refusal from direct solar beams. Special creams and oils that you need to rub into the problem areas for a few times a day may also help to deal with this problem. The effect of such means will increase, if you do it right after showering, massage or light gymnastics.

It is also worth to begin work on preparing the breast for feeding of the future baby. The first step – choose the right bra because in some expectant mothers each breast can increase by at least 700 g during pregnancy. And it is not the limit, because there is still at least a few months of communicating of the nipples with the baby’s mouth, after which it is necessary to lead the chest in a good shape. For this purpose you should regularly do exercises as possible to sign up for swimming in the pool, take a contrast shower, gently massage the cream and lubricate the breast.

For the duration of pregnancy it is worth to negate the contact with a cold people, as well as to avoid contact with those who have recently had a cold or flu: to be sick is now extremely undesirable.