An obstetrician-gynecologist says: You have reached the “equator” of pregnancy. At the moment, your child – it’s a tiny human with hairs on the head and tiny nails on the fingers and toes. He yawns, sucks his thumb playing with the umbilical cord, boys can be seen playing with a penis. The weight of a child is 320 g and the growth -16 cm.

By the middle of pregnancy, you will feel a surge of strength. The skin and hair improves. There may appear some pigmented spots on the skin that are sure to descend after the birth, so it is not recommended to walk under the direct sunlight during this period. If you still have to be under the sun, use a barrier cream. Do not try to get rid of stains, it is better to apply a foundation cream.

The breast continues to grow and semitransparent yellowish liquid – colostrum can be released from the nipple. Wipe it with a napkin, but do not try to squeeze it in no case. Areola becomes darker.

The bottom of the uterus is now possible to probe at the navel and from that moment can be felt the first almost inaudible fetal movements.

This month you can gain 0.5 kg per week. Now, you should keep an eye on your nutrition with a particularly intense, as the next few weeks – is a period of intense growth of the child, i.e. an increase of your weight. The optimal weight gain by 20 weeks – is 3 kg.

At 20 weeks it is recommended to take expert ultrasonography to assess fetal organs and systems. If necessary, you may be referred to the echo of the fetal heart.

If there are some genetic diseases you can terminate a pregnancy up to 22 weeks according to medical indications only.