20 Weeks Pregnant: future mother’s diet should be balanced and used products – the most natural and healthy. Most often, a pregnant woman has sufficiently good appetite during this period, but is not necessary to eat servings twice as large normal, it is better to eat often, but a little.

Care should be taken to the menu, there must be vitamins, proteins, fats and carbohydrates in the required amounts, as well as the expectant mother should listen closely to the needs of the organism. On the table of the future mother must be present lean meat, plenty of vegetables and fruits, milk and milk products, cereals. Further, the body of the expectant mother should get vitamins E and A, as well as fatty acids that are contained in fish and vegetable oil.

Foods that are used in food of a pregnant woman, must be processed with heat treatment, and it is better if it is boiling or stewing. Of course, this requirement does not apply to fruit and vegetables, they only need a good wash.

For the duration of pregnancy it is necessary to forget about the hot, sour, salty, canned, fatty and fried foods – this is absolutely of no benefit, affects the liver and pancreas and can cause swelling and heartburn.