Are you going to take maternity leave? Are you trying to calculate the amount of payments for the birth of a child? Do you know how it goes in Europe and in the US?


Maternity leave lasts for 52 weeks. You can take maternity leave 11 weeks before birth (optional), but it is possible to take maternity leave before month (this is obligatory). In the first month the woman is paid 90% of her average earnings, then another 9 months she will get a fixed pretty decent amount of money. A father may also take maternity leave for six months and help his wife to take care of their baby. There are enough kindergartens in the country; a lot of them are private – but the government gives vouchers to families to pay for 2.5 hours of the child’s stay in the kindergarten per day. The rest is paid by the family.


Maternity leave for French women lasts for 16 weeks. But all this time they can get a full salary! Plus a lump sum, plus decent monthly payments for three years after the birth of a child. Poor French receive child allowance from the fourth week of pregnancy! If both parents are working or studying, the child will be taken to a kindergarten for free. If you actively looking for a job and bring reference about it to kindergarten, the child will be in kindergarten for three months – for free also.


Everything is rigidly here: maternity leave is non-reimbursable and lasts for three months. Linger longer – your place will be given to another. But you can protect yourself in case of temporary incapacity, and then get up to 60% of the salary from the insurance company – what many mothers do. Child allowance and benefits for children in America are not paid also. However, there is an opportunity to issue tax credits – about $ 1,000 per year per child.


It is believed that it is the most convenient country for young parents. Maternity leave lasts for three months; seven months more – parental leave. All this time, you can receive up to 70% of average earnings. Then if you want to have the opportunity to take a vacation for two more years it will also be charged, although not as generous.

At discharge from a maternity hospital a mother is given a month’s supply of disposable diapers and baby clothes. All public areas are equipped with ramps for wheelchairs and children’s rooms. The public transport routes with a stroller – free of charge.


Six weeks before giving birth you can take maternity leave – and sit in it until the baby is two months. And then you will be able to get a vacation up to a year – and receive 67% of salary. If the mother decides to care for a child up to three years, the employer is obliged to leave her job. It is interesting, that you can use 12 months of leave to care for a child at any time during five years. Poor people are entitled to one-time financial help – and receive free diapers for two years.